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Presort Express 

Established in 1996 Presort Express has been serving the mailing needs of our customers for almost 20 years.  What sets us apart from other mailers is our wide variety of mailing solutions for our customers. We are the only Company in the State of Maine that has a 128 bin Sorting Machine as well as offset and digital Printing equipment all in one facility!

We are one of the few mailing companies that can Polybag your mail piece and eliminate the need for an envelope. If you want to get your mail piece noticed than Polybag it.

  • We offer our customers a full line of mailing options including:
  • Variable Data Printing
  • Personalized Match Mailings
  • Demographically specific Databases
  • We can sort your existing mail to save you Postage Dollars.
  • Tabbing & Addressing your mail pieces 
  • Addressing on Gloss Coated pieces
  • Intelligent Inserting up to 6 separate inserts into an envelope 
  • Metering your mail so you can eliminate your meter

Our company is owned and operated by a 2nd generation of the Armstrong Family. Rich and Mark Armstrong grew up in Maine and are both Maine Maritime Academy graduates. We are a true family owned Maine company that believes in god and operates our company on the principal that Faith is why we have succeeded.

From the simple Postcard, to the most complicated matched personalized mailing, we can handle all of your printing and mailing needs. We are 5 divisions with 1 great Name THE SNOWMAN GROUP!  Give us a call today! 800-675-7669

Print on a variety of substrates

From ordinary envelopes to coated stock. From flyers and postcards to catalogs and magazines, our high speed VIDEOJET sets the pace for ink jetting. Even plastic, Tyvek, and polywrap are no problem.

Address, personalize, barcode and serialize

We can help you automate your addressing requirements to save you time and money. Add personalized messages to increase your reader attention and response. Barcode your mail to take advantage of Post office discounts. Serialize your printed pieces to keep better control. This system is so versatile that you will be amazed at what we can do to help fulfill your mailing needs.

Place images anywhere

With our moveable heads, we can spray indicia on a piece that's already printed, put the address right side up or upside down - depending upon configuration of your piece. Put a personalized message or announcement almost anywhere you want it. And it's so very cost effective too!

Transfer your address data to us electronically

Our company is on the cutting edge of file transfer and data manipulation. You save time and aggravation when you let us show you how easy it is to download your files to us.

Speed and accuracy

With speeds approaching 35,000 pieces an hour we can get the job done!! Our Videojet is so sophisticated that it can be programmed to momentarily pause after each group of zip codes to give us additional quality-control for your mailing! Our years of experience guarantee you lots of care and attention to detail.


QuickWrap H-50 is the latest in polywrapping systems and can handle short to long run polybagging needs. Insert up 4 pieces into a polybag and lets us mail it for you.


  • Magazines
  • Brochures
  • Mailing Publications
  • Books
  • Product Literature
  • Catalogs
  • Many More
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